I can't express how grateful we are for Sarah and the dog wizard team! Hands down the best decision we've ever made. Scout had a lot of separation anxiety, anxiety in general, and huge issues with strangers inside and outside of the home. Having company over to the house, going to the vet, walks, or anything that had to do with going out in public around new people was an absolute nightmare. Scout's legs would tremble, he'd bark and growl at strangers, and show every sign im
aginable that he was extremely anxious/nervous/uncomfortable. After two weeks, Scout came home a completely different dog. He still had his same lovey and cute personality, but he was much more confident and calm. We couldn't have asked for a better trainer. Sarah showed nothing but love and care to our boy and transformed him into the confident pup he is now! Life is so much fun and relaxing now! Highly, highly, highly recommend

Caitlin Rae,