I can't express how grateful we are for Sarah and the dog wizard team! Hands down the best decision we've ever made. Scout had a lot of separation anxiety, anxiety in general, and huge issues with strangers inside and outside of the home. Having company over to the house, going to the vet, walks, or anything that had to do with going out in public around new people was an absolute nightmare. Scout's legs would tremble, he'd bark and growl at strangers, and show every sign im
aginable that he was extremely anxious/nervous/uncomfortable. After two weeks, Scout came home a completely different dog. He still had his same lovey and cute personality, but he was much more confident and calm. We couldn't have asked for a better trainer. Sarah showed nothing but love and care to our boy and transformed him into the confident pup he is now! Life is so much fun and relaxing now! Highly, highly, highly recommend

Caitlin Rae,

I took my border collie, Huck, to Sarah, and she did an amazing job!! I am a big outdoors person and I enjoy doing things that involve my dog. Since he is very high energy, he's interested in everything, so having a disciplined dog is important to me! I wanted off leash reliability when I was out and about, and Huck is great off leash! He comes when he's called, and stays right by me when we are running/walking. He mastered basic obedience, plus more. People in public often comment on how well behaved he is. His spunky and outgoing personality was perfected with his sharp listening skills. Dog Wizard made this dream a reality for me and it was so worth it!

Kori Tabor,

Sarah is amazing! Rocky has become the most well adjusted and loving dog! We couldn't be happier with the results she brought out in our wonderful dog. Sarah is caring and wonderful. She feels like part of the family now! Thank you for everything!
Thank you!!

Kathleen Keenan Foster,

I absolutely loved my experience with the Dog Wizard. My dog was having issues growling and snapping at friends and it was starting to scare me. One of the dog trainers at the Dog Wizard, he explained to me that my dog Lil Reeses is fighting with anxiety and needs a boost in his confidence. They took lots of care of Lil Reeses. Everyday he posted pictures of my baby and I was able to see my dog making huge improvements. I truly believe he fell in love with my dog and it made me feel secure in knowing my dog was getting the best training and was in the best hands. I am so happy I chose to go with Dog Wizard. My dog is much more relaxed now. He loves doing his commands and showing off. He no longer snaps at people. More importantly, I have learned how to communicate with my dog. I love that my services with the Dog Wizard last forever! I am looking forward to taking Lil Reeses to a doggie camp on the weekends. Thank you to everyone at the Dog Wizard. I completely recommend the Dog Wizard to anyone looking for dog training.

Jacinda Garabito,