Welcome to The Grand Rapids Dog Wizard

The Grand Rapids Dog Wizard is a dog training company that seeks to build an unparalleled bond between you and your pup. Our exceptional dog trainers in Grand Rapids can train dogs of any age at our facility. We believe that all dogs have the potential to be great companions with our training services that promote development and interaction skills.

Our Dog Training Services

We offer a variety of dog obedience programs, including social rehabilitation and aggressive dog rehabilitation near you in Grand Rapids. No matter your dog training goals, we can provide the services you depend on for a well-trained dog. Whether you are looking to enroll in a puppy preschool class, or need help with your pup’s separation anxiety, The Grand Rapids Dog Wizard can help.

Visit Our Dog Trainers Today

Our goal is to provide reliable dog training services for Grand Rapid’s dog owners and their pups. We strive to teach your dog new tricks that you didn’t know they were capable of learning. Our experienced dog trainers at The Grand Rapids Dog Wizard offer a free evaluation to determine the best training methods for you and your pup.

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